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EXPANSIVE MINDS aims to enhance the quality of life for all that are relocating or traveling to new destinations.

EXPANSIVE MINDS is a joint marketing effort by two very successful and reputable relocation industry service providers, International Relocation and Travel Benefits (IRTB) and NewMarket Services (NMS), serving an industry that annually serves up to 60 million people relocating worldwide.

IRTB through its wholly owned subsidiary NewMarket Services publishes Relocation and Travel Guides for 95 US and 32 International Cities. In addition to Expansive Minds Magazine, a monthly national publication.

Anyone would find value in relocation and travel information and discounts, vendor discounts and cash back discounts are eligible for full membership with Expansive Minds.

This fall EXPANSIVE MINDS will also will be launching it a first-of-its-kind series of online and offline experiences that guide people through life relocation transitions by helping them discover new possibilities and connect with a community of people pursuing similar passions and goals.

What Does Your Membership Include?

  1.  $25.00 off one monthly mortgage payment
  2.  $25.00 off one new home closing costs
  3.  $25.00 off one monthly rent payment 
  4.  $10.00 off one monthly home insurance payment
  5.  $10.00 off one monthly rental insurance payment
  6.  $10.00 off one monthly auto insurance bill
  7.  $10.00 off one plane ticket (round-trip or one-way)
  8.  $10.00 off one hotel stay.
  9.  $10.00 off one monthly cellular phone payment
10.  $10.00 off one monthly internet payment
11.  $10.00 off one monthly fitness center payment
12.  $10.00 off one museum visit or pass
13.  $10.00 off one breakfast – any restaurant
14.  $10.00 off one lunch – any restaurant
15.  $10.00 off one dinner – any restaurant


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